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Managing agents
Agents appointed in Florida to Manage the property on behalf of the owner. Details of the appointed agents on request.

The Villa
The property including building and contents, rented out by the owner for holiday purposes. The condo is located at Vista Cay at Harbor Square, Orlando, Florida, USA.

The Party Leader
The person that signed the Rental Agreement and takes responsibility for all the persons in his or her group.

Booking / Deposit
The Condo is offered subject to availability. That means subject to the home not having been damaged or rendered in a condition unsuitable for rental. In the unlikely event of the Condo not being available, we will notify you of such immediately. Minimum stay 3 nights. Rental rates may change without notice, and only fixed by confirmed reservation. A booking deposit of $250 is required when booking the Condo. As soon as this deposit is received, your booking will be confirmed. This deposit is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation however it will be used towards your total stays invoice. Bookings made within 60 days of departure require the full amount to be paid. Bookings made within 30 days of departure will require full payment to be made in cleared funds by Certified Check or Cash. Payments may be accepted by non-cleared funds, but will attract bank charges.

Property furnishings and equipment
The Condo is privately owned and furnished and equipped to meet basic vacation needs, although you will probably find our Villa to be well above a basic standard. The Owner or their Managing Agent can provide additional equipment or furnishings at an additional cost. The items that are offered are subject to availability , these are: Crib @ $35 per stay, High Chair @ $25 per stay.

Safety regulations limit the maximum number of people allowed to occupy our 3 bedroom Condo to 8 people. If this limit is exceeded, parties will be evicted from premises with no refund or rebate given. It is very important to note that only persons identified on the booking form are permitted to stay at the property. The party leader agrees NOT to sublet, share or assign the property to any persons not authorized by the Owner. Please ensure that we are notified of any changes to the original booking, as unauthorized persons staying at the Condo will cause the whole party to be excluded from the property without refund. Pets are not permitted.

Security deposit
A security deposit is held against the Condo booked and is paid directly to our Managing Agent in Florida. The amount will be $250. The Deposit is paid either by a credit card imprint / hold or a check made out to the Managing Agent. This sum will be in addition to the final balance and is fully refundable, should the occupants not incur any costs arising from breakage loss or damage. The party leader agrees to accept full and personal liability for all loss or damage caused by any member of his or her party, during the occupation of the property and confirm that the full cost of repair or replacement will be met. Minor breakages such as crockery or glassware will inevitable occur at times. It is much cheaper to replace these items yourself rather than wait for them to be discovered by the housekeeper.

We hope it will not be necessary for you to cancel, but should you need to do so, it is important that we are notified immediately, in writing. The following cancellation charges apply. Between 30 and 60 days before departure, the cancellation charge is 50% of the total costs. Less than 30 days before departure, the cancellation charge is 100%. The security deposit is not subject to cancellation charges and would be refunded in full. In many cases, you will be covered under your Travel Insurance policy. Failure of the Party Leader to make settlement on the due date may be deemed as voluntary cancellation, which may result in your holiday dates being assigned to an alternative party. The Owner will make all necessary attempts to contact the Party Leader before such action is taken.

If we cancel
The Owner or their Managing Agent reserves the right to cancel any booking where we believe that the information supplied to us concerning the identity of any or all persons listed on the booking form is incorrect or untrue. Your booking deposit will be refunded. Should the Condo become unavailable for your travel dates, The Owner or their Managing Agent will assign you an alternative property of equal or higher standard to the one booked in the same or similar location.

The owners discretion
The Owners or their Managing Agents reserve the right to withhold deposits, revise rental or discontinue occupancy if, in our opinion, the tenants presence or conduct is detrimental to the premises. The Managing Agents first responsibility is to protect the owner's property.

Arrival & Departure
Guests may normally take possession from 4 Pm on the day of arrival and are expected to vacate the property by 10 AM on the morning of departure. This allows time for the maid service to make the Condo ready for our next guests.

The Condo is professionally cleaned upon your departure. Should additional service be required due to negligence or abuse a minimum charge of $50 will be assessed against your damage deposit. If an interruption of our housekeeping schedule is caused by a guest checking-out after the 10:00 AM checkout time, an extra night rental may be assessed against your damage deposit. A Cleaning fee is applied for stays of Five nights or less, $85.

The Owner, the Owner's Managing Agents and the Owner's booking agents do not accept liability for any injury. The Owner or their Managing Agents of the Condo shall not be liable for any damage or injury to tenant or to any other person (s), or to any property occurring on the premises or any part thereof; and tenant agrees to hold Owners, their Managing Agents and their Booking Agents harmless for any claims for damage, no matter how caused. The Owner and/or their Agents will not be held responsible for acts of theft or vandalism or other damages to tenant (s) / guest (s) personal property howsoever caused. Guests are specifically instructed not to allow unsupervised children to use the pool.

neighborly conduct
On your vacation, you will be staying in a privately owned Condo on a gated and partly residential estate. Please ensure that you act in a neighborly and courteous manner towards your neighbors, who may NOT be on a holiday. Whilst we do not wish to curtail your enjoyment in any way, we do request that noise be kept to a minimum during early mornings and late evenings, particularly around the patio and pool. Excessive noise will almost certainly lead to a visit from the Local Law Enforcement officer and could even lead to your party being excluded from the property without refund.

Swimming Pool & Spa
Whether you use the community pool or kiddy pool and spa, you, your family members and friends swim at your/their own risk. There are no lifeguards; you are your own lifeguard, so swim at your own risk. Always supervise your children in the pool area or aid in the supervision of other unattended children. Kids must avoid using Spas and Hot Tubs, especially in the case of younger children who are susceptible to overheating. Make yourself familiar with the safety rules of the community pool. The last, but not the least, to ensure swimming pool safety, be observant. Watch what your kids are up to, and supervise their activities. Do not leave them alone.
Only the spa have heat available.However severe cold winter temperatures may result in lower water temperatures.

We ask that you please notify our Managing Agents promptly if any items in the home need the attention of their maintenance department. Should air conditioners, appliances, etc., malfunction, every effort will be made to have them repaired as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee that an interruption of service will not occur. No rebate or refund will be given for circumstances beyond our control including inclement weather. Service requests called in after 5 PM will be handled by our Managing Agents as soon as possible but may not be handled until the following business day. Non-emergency weekend maintenance requests will be taken care of on Monday during normal office hours.

Routine maintenance
From time to time, it may be necessary for the Managing Agents to enter the vacation Condo during reasonable hours for any purpose connected with the repair, care, and general maintenance of the unit. We will try to notify you in advance whenever possible.

No Smoking
Sorry, Smoking is not allowed in or at the property. You will be requested to vacate premises without refund if smoking is detected.

Sorry, no pets allowed in or at the property. You will be requested to vacate premises without refund if pets are brought.

The State of Florida is subtropical and can experience extremes of weather at certain times. June to September is Hurricane season, during this time you will experience high winds and heavy rainfall on occasions. July and August is extremely hot and humid with temperatures up to the 100's. Lightning storms are likely. Protection from the sun is vital, especially for children. Please note that the Owner, their booking Agents or their Managing Agents including their servants, managers or associates are NOT responsible for the weather.


Lost keys or lockout
Please note that lost keys should be reported to our Managing Agents office immediately. There will be a $25 charge during regular hours or a $50 service fee if it is necessary for the Agency staff to deliver a key to you after business hours. Any keys not returned upon departure will result in a $75 charge, which will be withheld from your damage deposit.

Blocked or tripped waste disposal unit
There will be a $25 charge during regular hours or a $50 service fee after business hours.

Blocked toilet
There will be a $40 charge during regular hours or a $80 service fee after business hours. If in the event a plumber is called out their charges will be in addition to those of the Managing Agents.

Broken Glass, Damaged walls, etc. There will be a $40 charge during regular hours or a $80 service fee after business hours. If in the event a specialist (i.e. Glassier, Garage door technician) is called out their charges will be in addition to those of the Managing Agents.

If you are unhappy or unsure of any aspects of your booking, please contact the Owners or their Managing Agents before you depart. It is our responsibility to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your arrangements. All complaints or enquiries concerning your holiday accommodation MUST always be brought to the attention of our Managing Agents upon arrival.

While on vacation, if you are not happy with the vehicle you have been allocated, it is imperative that you telephone the Car Rental Company who supplied you and make arrangements with them to resolve your problem. Your car hire voucher will clearly indicate what you have already paid for. Do not accept any further charges on arrival without an explanation.

Flight complaints should obviously be taken up with the airline concerned. It is always best to inform the cabin staff of your complaints and if not resolved by them, follow it up on arrival. In case of accident or injury, always ask the cabin crew to log a report.

When you are at the attractions, any complaint or injury should always be brought to the attention of the Guests Services department. All the major attractions have Guest Services; they are usually located at the main entrance.

Both the Owner as well as their Managing Agents and Booking Agents have supplied property details, either on their web-sites or through other medium, which may include photographs, room sizes, approximate driving distances to local landmarks, etc. While both the Owner as well as their Agents have done the utmost to be as accurate as possible, no responsibility can be taken for the accuracy of these descriptions.