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Vista Cay vacation dining

Welcome to our Vacation and Business Condo at Vista Cay!

Because of the great location that Vista Cay provides, we believe that our condo is ideally suited for the business traveler, who likes to combine business with pleasure, while in Orlando.

As such, we have furnished our business and vacation condo to both business and vacation travelers.

The common feature in our condo is Style!
Our condo has 3 stylish furnished bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, suitable for 6 - 8 persons. Whether you're in the kitchen, dining area, office or in the living room, it's spacious all around. It's been decorated by ourselves with help from a famous Asian designer.

For your pleasure
For your pleasure, we have created a luxurious apartment for you and your family to enjoy. But we have not only focused on luxury, but on comfort as well. All comfort necessities are included in the apartment and more.

Some of these are:
  • Sectional Lounge Sofa with lots of pillows to relax and chill
  • Modern glass top dining set with white leather seats
  • Upgraded beds, mattresses and bedding for a good nights rest, every night
  • Fully equipped kitchen with high end stainless steel appliances
  • 50 inch Samsung 120hz LCD TV in the living room
  • Sony Playstation 2 in the living room
  • DVD Player
  • 40 inch Samsung LCD TV in the master bedroom
  • A very convenient Massage Chair with many programs to suit your massaging needs.

For your business
For your business, we have created a working space with all the office tools you need, to enhance the success of your business. We have named our office den 'Nine Dragons'. Hence, the Nine Dragon art work in the office den.

Nine Dragons is a powerful symbol in Asia, as the nine dragons represents ultimate wisdom, power and success. Three important features to help each business owner to achieve their business goals and success.

Some of the office tools are:
  • Glass top Office Desk
  • Cordless telephones in the office den, living room and master bedroom
  • Internet connected computer with Windows XP
  • FREE Wireless Broadband Internet
  • Color Laser Copier and Printer
  • (paper and toners may sometimes be out of supply)